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Imagine an artwork that looks so real as to jump out of the canvas while the viewer passes by, offering a three-dimensional perspective. And if there was an art exhibition that could give the sensation of being inside the scene to those who watch it, would this be considered something futuristic? For us all this is already reality.

Move to a new level of art with us.


Image: Lenticolart for Marco Battaglini – 6mm thickness

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Lenticular printing



What is Lenticular Printing

A result of 4 years of research. Lenticolart comes to life in 2017 as a company specialized in lenticular printing with the vision of combining creativity and technology.

We offer to artists and designers, a technologically advanced and high profile service, with the aim of involving and exciting the recipients of art with the potential of movement and three-dimensionality offered by this technique.




Lenticolart @58th Venice Biennale

Underwater Portrait Photography Exhibition by Gisele A. Lubsen in collaboration with Lenticolart by One & Products srl
Palazzo Zenobio, Sestriere Dorsoduro 2596 Venice
Opening: Monday 24th June, 6.00 pm
Lenticolart was chosen to create some works with the lenticular printing technique and to give a result of great visual impact. The artist with the lenticular printing technique of Lenticolart wants to offer a new level of experience where the public actively engages to give life to the work of art.


“It’s an absolute honor to collaborate with the cutting edge Italian creative agency Lenticolart who will render one of my most significant underwater art pieces Chloe Chloe 1/4 within their 3-D reality. What I’m most excited about is to share their innovative technique with my audiences and bring them into the movement and three dimensionality I actually experience underwater when I create my work. Their groundbreaking 3D technique will bring to life all the layering of the art piece luring viewers into an interactive virtual reality of being submerged and be part of this environment. This method brings a past experience into the present moment which I’m delighted to witness in person.”
Gisele Lubsen


Strada Terraglio, 29
31100 Treviso, TV – ITALY
+39 0422 1627231

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